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Breaking News: Trump Win’s Indiana Primary at 54%


Mr. Donald J. Trump wins the Indiana Primary of 39 delegates at 54% of the overall republicans that voted! They the, never Mr.Trump and pac’s threw everything they had at him and it didn’t matter! God’s Trump wins again! When God wants something done you can’t defeat him! He will send in his Trump! Cruz’s Campaign has officially collapse! Try not to harden you heart Mr. Cruz, but if you do? Remember you are just doing God’s will, so that he (GOD) will show the world (RNC) that he is GOD! And there ended the lesson for this week!

Among Cruz voters in the Indiana primary, 44% were45-64 years old and only 13% were 17-29 years old.
Among Kasich voters in the Indiana primary, 36%were 30-44 years old and only 13% were 65 or over years old.
Among Trump voters in the Indiana primary, 48%were 45-64 years old and only 10% were 17-29 years old.

By: Johnnie Roy Maul

May 3, 2016

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