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Leave Wins England Is Free of EU Sterling Drops 30 year low!

The British People Voted to Leave the EU Shocking all of The World Leaders! And Wall Street!
After the BBC forecast that Leave won! Wall Street was and is Shock: Even though the polls have been very close throughout, the markets really have been expecting a remain vote to prevail. This was bolstered by the YouGov opinion poll which initially pushed sterling higher. What we’re seeing now is the market reacting with complete shock and bewilderment as the results unfold,” says Trevor Charsley, a currency trader at AFEX. Craig Erlam, a market analyst at Oanda says: “The overconfidence in the UK to vote to remain in the EU has seriously come back to bite traders in the early hours of the morning. While there is still a long way to go, it is clear that people has significantly underestimated how many would vote to leave on Thursday.”

WSJ: Reaction From Stronger In Europe Group

“It looks increasingly like the British people have voted to leave the EU and we will respect their decision. It is now for the Govt to carry out the British people’s instructions,” said James McGrory, chief campaign spokesman for Britain Stronger In Europe campaign group.

(By Nicholas Winning)
Earlier in the evening David Campbell Bannerman, stated:“We have got the edge,” said David Campbell Bannerman, MEP for the East of England and Vote Leave campaigner. “That was not expected so we’re extra heartened.” But as Vote Leave chief executive Matthew Elliott reminded him as he walked past: “It’s not in the bag yet.”

Mr. Bannerman (pictured left) expects the vote to hinge on the very last results that roll in tonight, and is hopeful they’ll swing the vote towards a Leave. “We’re going to get some rural areas near the end,” he said. “That could tip the balance.”

And it did! Sarah Downes of the Wall Street Journal tweeted,
The British pound has not been this low since 1985, according to Charles Forelle, WSJ’s Europe Finance Editor. That was when Gorbachev became Soviet leader and Nintendo released the NES…
WSJ The Gold Bugs Got This One Right, So Far

Some investors laugh at the gold buyers and relegate them to the tin-foil hat brigade. But this one they got right, or so it appears.

As Brexit becomes more of a reality, gold prices have surged as much as 7.2% to $1,356 a troy ounce on safe haven buying.

Score one for the gold bugs.

(By Ira Iosebashvili)

In Conclusion: The People have won! Obama could not force England to stay in the EU. And Mr. Donald J. Trump is influencing the World and he hasn’t even Step into the White House yet. In November The People of USA will vote to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain and will help the Mother of our Country Great Britain! For God and Country Mr. Donald J. Trump will not bankrupt the USA, he will revolutionize the world and we will have the greatest economic boom in History! Sincerely yours Johnnie Roy Maul

June 24, 2016

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