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By Johnnie Roy Maul June 27, 2016

I received an email from Biz Pac Review, about one of their stories. I open up the email story and up pop a Biz Pac Review Poll. The poll ask do you think Mr. Donald J. Trump can beat Hillary Clinton, absolutely or no! I hit the yes! Then I was required to enter my email address. Boom I enter the email address and up pop the aboveaforementioned poll! 93% 75,488 people hit Absolutely Trump can beat Hillary Clinton! 4% 3137 people said No Mr. Trump could not beat Hillary Clinton. And 3%, 2117 said Who knows? I tried to find the poll again and I haven’t been able to! But I have the proof. The aboveaforementioned screen shot! This is a poll on a conservative site. But it’s real. And requires an email

Sincerely yours Johnnie Roy Maul

June 28, 2016

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