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Two Quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick SF 49ers and Jeremy Lane Seattle Seahawks Sit During National Anthem

Dear Seattle Seahawks Jeremy lane and Colin Kaepernichk SF 49ers, Quarterbacks, I remember, when Mr. Obama ran for President, I talk my whole family into voting for him. I thought he was the next Martin Luther King. I was wrong. He, Obama supports Planned ParentHood that’s the killing of unborn babies by abortion (over 60 Million in the USA) and he is the great divider, (divide and conquer a nations people)! I’ve never voted in my 64 years of life and now my family and I are working day and night and giving our much-needed money, in this rough economy to support Pro-Life and Mr. Donald J. Trump. I put my life on the line and fought in army and in prison for equality of all man kind (in and out) all my life. (prison is where I found GOD) I now minister the love of Christ. I was in the civil rights movement, etc. You are of the world and when I was of the world I was rich, and out of touch with the common man. Are you doing this for the right reasons? Are you trying to get into the spotlight? Or did you ask GOD in prayer to do this? I live in a world that we, my fellow Americans elected the first Black or African-American, or what I choose to say is American to the presidency and he Mr. Obama used these media examples to exploit this election cycle and divide our country, in this election. I, being an ex-con, and international narcotic trafficker. I know to put my hands on the steering wheel, and have my hands showing when I’m pulled over. I’m polite. If I wasn’t, I might be right. But I’d be dead right. So I know to put my hands on the steering wheel so the officer can see them and I do not move until I’m told to do so! I’ve already had a smart mouth and I have the billy clubs scars on my head to prove it. But, it was my fault. And if it wasn’t for GOD, I be dead by now. So, I remember when I blamed everybody else, but not my drinking or my own actions for what happen to me. I was always blaming the government, the police, my girlfriend etc, but not me. I was the enemy. I was to blame! Now I’m a solider in the Lord of Lords army fighting evil and trying to save the world from evil. My resume, is Johnnie Roy Maul, Maul Proverbs 25:18 (KJV) and Jeremiah 51:20 (DBY) and Nahum 2:1. There are over 400 Synonyms for maul e.g. weapon of war, destroyer, scatterer etc, (old testament), and 9 or more Antonyms (new testament) e.g. Protector, help, aid, guard, surrender etc. We are in the end times because of the killing of innocent babies. And you and I are under mosaic law, except, I’m spared by the blood of Jesus, and I pray you are. Now under Mosaic Law, 80 years is the cycle. It started in 1951 with the development of the birth control pill. And ends in 2031. You see when Moses was born pharaoh ordered all the male children to be killed, and pharaoh never rescinded that order in exodus in the bible you can see this. So Moses returned 80 years later and brought through the power of GOD the 10 plagues and killed all the first born male children, and male bulls, horses etc, over all of Egypt. So, call Dr. Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, who is a pro-lifer, like me. And you will wake up! For you are asleep. And you need to support the pro-life movement and stop the killing of babies globally over 1,344,000,000 billion abortions and another 6,000,000,000 billion by the pill, that for fills the prophecy of 2/3 rds of the world population murdered. Now I could support you in that movement, but not this. Something that could save all the people of the world! But for anything else. It is for nothing! Sincerely yours forever, Johnnie Roy Maul

September 10, 2016

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