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China and Japan Cut Holdings US Treasuries Three Months Running

CHINA, the top buyer of US Treasury securities, cut its holding in August for three months running, the latest data from the US Treasury Department showed.

China shed its holding of US treasuries by US$33.7 billion in August, with the total holding down to US$1.19 trillion.

The country has cut its treasuries holding for three consecutive months.

Japan, the second-largest foreign holder of US treasuries, also cut its holding by US$10.6 billion to US$1.14 trillion in August.

At the end of August, overall foreign holdings of US Treasury securities fell to US$6.19 trillion from July’s US$6.25 trillion.


Opinion by Johnnie Roy Maul,  “What does this mean? China and Japan do not believe HRC is going to win this election. There are private polls in every state. Being paid for by someone. Now if you own 6.25 Trillion of U.S. Debt Ooops now 6.19 Trillion wouldn’t you want to know who going to win this election? Lets see, I think I’d spend 100-200 million to do the private polling, don’t you!  Further, China and Japan and the rest of the countries have been reading Wikileaks also, just like the American people have.  They know how to read the writing on the wall!  If Mrs. Hillary R. Clinton does not win?   It won’t be illegal business as usual anymore!   Also, if Mr. Donald J. Trump wins, the economy will do better, therefore the America People will have more money $ to spend.  Which means, the whole world will make more money and their, China and Japan,  UK,  Europe and Russia, etc, etc, economies will improve!  But the Market has to correct!
 In Conclusion:  This market is on the verge of collapse. If the Fed raises interest rates!   Just like Mr. Donald J. Trump has told the American Public and the world!”
Sincerely yours Johnnie Roy Maul
October 21, 2016

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