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Fox News Poll Among Women Clinton 48 v Trump 38

Breaking News by Johnnie Roy Maul quoting New Fox News Poll Oct 22-25 just release, that Mr. Trump has closed the gap among women voters to just 10% difference!  This is a major blow to the Clinton Machine!  The polls are tightening and they are going more and more Trump!

According to Doug Schoen, A fox News Contributor and  former Clinton Advisor, this is Huge!  Because he has been running 20 points or more behind Mrs. Hillary Clinton especially if we can confirm these  numbers with other polls and data.  

Further Donald and Melania Trump appeared on Good Morning America this morning and Mr. Trump, announce with a look of surprise, coming from Melania Trump, that she would be giving two, to three speeches at upcoming events.

Also according to Monica Crowley, and Doug Schoen, If the new data can be confirmed and data concerning the Black Voters increasing to 12-15% This Data is Significant and Trump can win this election!  That said, Trump, Must stick with the message; O’Bama Care, the economy, the cost of living and jobs!

In Conclusion and my Opinion, If, these numbers are correct concerning Mr. Donald J. Trump and the independent voters according to data are flocking to The Trump of God, is in the race and can win with a sign, from GOD, a land slide!  And on time, and under Budget!  Sincerely yours, Johnnie Roy Maul 


October 27, 2016

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