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It Is Over FMR Pollster and Adviser to Hillary Clinton Doug Schoen Jumps Ship

By Johnnie Roy Maul  Monday Oct 31 2016,   With 8 days left and the FBI revelation of the 654K {Anthony Wiener, (“Life Insurance”)}, and Huma Abedin, Emails, and the Reopening of the investigation by the FBI of Mrs Hillary Clinton Server!  Has Caused One Major Democrat to Jump Ship!  According to Doug Schoen, A fox News Contributor and  former Clinton Advisor, and Supporter of the Clinton family since 1994,  Stated on Fox News “I will No Longer Endorse or Vote For Mrs. Hillary Clinton!”  

The FBI has reportedly obtained a warrant to dig through hundreds of thousands of newly-discovered emails allegedly related to a private server used by Hillary Clinton. It’s unclear if the renewed probe will achieve any results before US Election Day.    The search warrant allows the bureau to scour through the (Survival File), some 650,000 emails discovered on a laptop belonging to ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner and apparently also used by his wife, Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin. The probe is set to check if any of the texts are related to the reopened investigation of the former secretary of state’s private email use.

Clinton’s longtime aide Huma Abedin, is allegedly cooperating with the investigation and “seemed surprised that the emails were there,” according to the CBS source.

In Conclusion: This is the beginning of the end!  The 654K email, Along with OBama Care premium increases from 25% to 116% in e.g. Arizona and a major Democratic Supporter, and Fox News Contributor, Doug  Schoen, dropping his support, endorsement and vote of Mrs Hillary Clinton.  Her Campaign is Over!

Sincerely yours Johnnie Roy Maul

October 31, 2016

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