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Hillary vs Trump is Starting to Gain Volume In Upward Momentum Charts

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.

Real Clear Politics Chart shows that Mr. Trump is increasing in volume of + ‘s Sec Hillary decreasing in +’s

Instead of drawing conclusions from single polls, both Silver and Reed agree, aggregate polling averages paint a more accurate portrait of how any race — including Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton — is shaping up.
While at this early stage even poll averages may not yet be meaningful when it comes to predicting the outcome of the election on November 8, the two major polling averages paint a much more optimistic picture for Hillary Clinton than the neck-and-neck battle seen in the Reuters/Ipsos poll.

Donald Trump Vs. Hillary Clinton Polls: Is Trump-Clinton Race Tightening? Here’s What The Numbers Say

Maybe Newt Gingrich can explain in this video, while he is endorsing Mr. Trump:

Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by ten points among Hispanic voters, according to a shocking new general election match-up poll released Friday.
Clinton leads Trump among all voters in the poll when they are presented with only two options, 51 to 49 percent.

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SHOCK POLL: Trump Leads Hillary Among Hispanic Voters [VIDEO]

In Conclusion: No one person can understand why Mr. Trump is surging in the polls. But it is probably due to Mr. Trump being the preemptive nominee for the GOP, this has given Mr. Trump more time to concentrate on Sectary Clinton and the FBI investigation into her emails. Also The Russians supposedly have over 20,000 emails of Hillary’s that they might release!

In fact, if Guccifer is to be believed — as his extradition by the U.S. indicates — news of the Kremlin having obtained potentially top-secret material may be the tip of a gargantuan iceberg. Using a readily available program, the Romanian hacker also claimed he observed “up to 10, like, IPs from other parts of the world” during sessions on Clinton’s personal server.

An finally: Mr. Trump is building more and more credibility among the GOP and Voters by showing how Sen Bernie Sanders is being ripoff by the Democrats Super Delegate’s and therefore building growing support with Sanders supporters, and Mexican American’s with children want their kids to be able to find a good paying jobs, which Mr. Trump’s programs of rebuilding American and the wall bringing back jobs E.g, Coal, mines, railroads hauling coal, and coal burning power-plants, steel workers, etc, etc on and on. American caring about Americans! We as a country have to take of our economy first. Thereby having a better economy we have more money to spend on all goods. Even Foreign. If the American people are doing great, so will the rest of the world!

By: Johnnie Roy Maul

May 15, 2016

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